Hot Cocoa Mix Done Right!

Africocoa’s premium Hot Cocoa Mix

Shade-grown hot cocoa mix made from sustainable, small family farmers.

Africocoa’s Premium Hot Cocoa Mix

Africocoa prides itself on fair and honest business practices that promote the welfare of all involved in growing, harvesting, and processing this gourmet product. Our beans are grown exclusively in Ghana. They are shade grown (shade-grown) on small family farms, not huge agribusiness plantations. We practice sustainable agriculture because it is good for the farmers, good for the flavor, and requires fewer pesticides, fertilizers, and other artificially introduced agents that can impact the environment. Our sustainable production business model goes well beyond fair trade. We always use all-natural ingredients. All of our mixes are all natural, and have no artificial colors, no artificial preservatives, no artificial flavors, no artificial additives of any kind. Our finished cocoa mixes are naturally gluten-free (gluten free). Our cocoa mixes are non-alkalized (AKA, we do not “Dutch” or otherwise artificially alkalize our cocoa powder.)
Africocoa products are kosher certified (Kosher). Whether you call it cocoa powder, cocoa mix, hot cocoa mix, hot chocolate, or hot chocolate mix, we know you will love the fresh taste and deep flavor of a single-source premium cocoa bean that is freshly processed within days of harvest, and brought to you with pride from the farmers of Ghana.